Fuck mother sister – Part 1

Read about my desi family sex story, when I went my aunt’s house and my mind started wandering. What did I do to fuck my sexy https://sexantarvasna.com/ aunt? How did I satisfy my lustful desire?

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It was winter season. I left my house to go to my aunt’s place. Many of you might have experienced riding a bike in December month

After covering a distance of 40 kilometers in the cold, when I reached my aunt’s place, I was feeling sick due to the cold. It was already 5 pm in the evening and  had started to get dark.

As soon as I arrived, my aunt hugged me. After drinking tea, I sat in front of the fire so that my body could feel a little warmth. The shivering due to cold was subsiding.

Now, before moving ahead, let’s also learn about my aunt. She is around forty years old. One cannot tell from her appearance that she is so old and  mother of three children.

She is five feet tall with fair complexion. A well-built body and big breasts that make my aunt a nightmare. I have masturbated thinking about my aunt many times.

My maternal uncle used to live in Delhi and he would come once in three or four months, or sometimes my aunt would go and visit him. Since I was the beloved son of my aunt, she used to respect me a lot, take care of me and even give me a lot of money.

I used to talk to my aunt on the phone as well and sometimes we would have double-meaning conversations too, but she would just laugh it off. I used to enjoy it.https://sexantarvasna.com/

So that day, because it was too cold, we quickly had dinner and my aunt put my bed on a separate cot in her room. The rest of the children were sleeping in another room.

The reason for the children to sleep separately was that my aunt and I used to talk a lot and it would disturb their sleep, so she asked the children to sleep in the other room.

I was talking to my aunt in the kitchen and after quickly finishing the work, my aunt said that it was too cold, let’s quickly go to bed.

She walked ahead and I also followed behind my aunt and we reached the room. After closing the door, we quickly got into our respective beds under the blanket as it was quite cold. I started talking to my aunt while lying on the bed. The room had a night bulb on. I intentionally moved the blanket off me. Within five minutes, my whole body felt cold.

Then I told my aunt – Aunty, I am feeling extremely cold. My body is shivering from the cold.


She immediately got up, so I quickly put my blanket on and started pretending to shiver. My aunt gave me another blanket.

I kept pretending to shiver. I held out my hand to my aunt and asked her to touch me. I said, “Look, it’s so cold. I’m not getting warm.”

She put another blanket on me and said, “It’s okay, son, you’ll get warm soon.” After saying that, she went back to her bed and started talking to me about my marriage.

I said, “I don’t want to get married yet, Aunt. These days are for me to play, eat and enjoy.”

Then my aunt started telling me about girls. A little later, I removed the blanket again. When my entire body became cold again, I said to my aunt, “Aunty, I’m feeling cold.”

Now even my aunt was worried about how much cold I was feeling! She got up and came to me, touching my body to see. My body had become very cold because of removing the blanket.

My aunt started to panic, worried that I may catch too much cold. Seeing her concerned, I pretended to shiver even more. She said, “Let’s sleep on the double bed together. Nothing will feel cold if we sleep together.”

Friends, what does a blind man need? Two eyes! Seeing my wish fulfilled, my heart started jumping with joy. I got up immediately and went to sleep on my aunt’s bed. I thought we would sleep under the same blanket, but fate had other plans for me. My aunt put my blanket and cover over me and went to sleep in her own blanket. Seeing that it wasn’t working, I started shivering again.

My aunt asked, “What happened, dear nephew? How come you are feeling so cold?” I said, “I don’t know, aunt, I am not able to understand either.” I intentionally started to grind my teeth.

Now there was nothing left for my aunt to do, so she turned her blanket to the other side and entered my blanket, holding me in her arms tightly. Thoughts of sex started coming to my mind heavily.

My aunt is very simple. I knew that whatever I did, my aunt would not tell anyone. Still, there was an unknown fear holding me back. I touched my foot on my aunt’s foot, and my body started trembling.

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