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Fuckinng story of new neighbor Aunty

Hello friends, my name is Sandeep and I am from Rajasthan.

I am 6 feet tall and I am fair and quite handsome, so women often start liking me.

I am a new writer on this site, but believe me, I am not a novice player in sex.

This is my first sex story. I am sharing the fun I had in fucking an aunty.

This incident happened five years ago, during the winter of 2017. I was 24 years old at the time.

A married couple rented the empty house next door to us. Our new neighbor, Aunty Sonia, was very likable to me.

I have always been attracted to women with fat breasts and big butts. When a mature woman like Aunty Sonia talks to you about anything, it gets you going.

My new neighbor, Aunty Sonia, was the same. She was about 30-35 years old, but looked younger than 26. She had fair skin, a toned body, and a sexy 40-34-42 figure.

When I saw her swaying hips as she walked outside, my cock saluted her from afar. Her tits also often hung out of her blouse for me to drool over.

That winter, I used to go to the nearby park every morning to run.

I have always done morning exercises and running, but I didn’t know that Komal Aunty also liked morning walks.

Often, when I returned home after running in the morning, Aunty Sonia would meet me in the balcony of her house. It felt like she was standing there just to see me.

I also stood in my house staring at her.

One day, I woke up earlier than usual and went out for my exercise.

While running in the park, I saw that aunty was also walking there.
Seeing Aunty in an exercise suit in the morning made my heart start racing. A special thing about me is that I never feel ashamed to speak to anyone for no reason. When I passed by Aunty while running, she smiled at me. I asked her about her daily routine and morning walks, and she told me that she goes for a walk every morning at this time. Aunty also told me that she had seen me exercise many times.

This was new to me because I had only seen her for the first time in the early morning darkness. While talking, I asked Aunty for her phone number, and without hesitation, she shared it with me. I also gave her my number and pretexted saving it to call her back.

The next morning, I started leaving for my exercises on time again. Two days later, I received a message from Aunty at night, asking me to wake up early in the morning for exercise. I agreed.

The following morning, when I reached the park a little early, Aunty was already walking there. She smiled at me and left her exercise to talk to me. During our conversation, she said that my athletic body was quite attractive, and often when I exercise and return home, she watches me because I look good at that time.

Aunty Sonia complimented my face and running stamina. I also thanked her and started complimenting her figure.
Aunty was talking to me as openly as she could. With hopeful eyes towards me, she told me a lot at that moment.

Then Aunty brought her charming face closer to mine and placed her hand on my thigh.

Without delay, I also took hold of her head from behind and pressed my lips against hers.

I wanted to fulfill every incomplete desire Aunty had about sex. My mind was filled with the desire to love Aunty so much that she would no longer be left with any unfulfilled longing.

We were still sitting on the sofa where I laid Aunty down and climbed on top of her.

I kept kissing Aunty’s juicy lips with mine, and she also started matching my passion.

Komla Aunty and I were caressing each other’s faces with our lips.

Meanwhile, Aunty unbuttoned my T-shirt. I was making her crazy by caressing her on the bed. The thickness of my hard meat was pressing against her pussy even though there were clothes in between.

Aunty’s growing lust was making me go crazy.

With a moan, Aunty asked me to go to her bedroom. So, I stood up and without delay, Aunty took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

As soon as we entered her room, Aunty removed her nightgown by pulling it up. My guess was right: Aunty was not wearing a bra or shorts.

Clothing was reduced to nothing but her panties.

I immediately pinned Aunty on the bed and climbed on top of her. I was experiencing the delightful taste of her round and smooth big boobs.

Aunty put her fingers in my hair and was playing with them.

I felt like kissing all parts of her body — lips, neck, face, breasts, stomach, trembling navel, and everything.

After a while, aunty turned towards me and placed her lips straight onto my dick.

I took off my pajamas. Aunty kept sucking my cock like she was enjoying it for the first time.

I made love to my aunty as I mourned her husband’s eventual disapproval, and she continued to give my dick its full taste.

After sucking, Aunty rubbed my cock against
her lips multiple times, and my cum was landing on her big, round lips repeatedly. She was still bending her tongue to taste my all cum.

She had experienced this type of semen for the first time and was extremely happy about it.

Now, auntie lay down next to me. I began licking Sonia aunty’s vagina. My tongue circling around her young vagina was exciting her.

After caressing auntie’s vagina for about 10 minutes, my penis became erect again and auntie had already cum. Respecting Komal aunty’s feelings and with the desire to complete my work, I inserted my penis into her vagina.

With the tip of my penis inside auntie’s plump vagina and a sudden movement, she screamed.

Readers, imagine that Auntie was lying straight with her hands up on the bed. Holding her hands, I was moving my penis inside her vagina.

Auntie continuously moaned and turned the bedroom into a sex room.

Auntie lying down in the middle was lightly bouncing up and down. As much as she moved, she was taking my penis deeper inside her. While having sex with Sonia aunty’s tender vagina, I felt like I was on the peak of pleasure.

Auntie continuously exclaimed “Aah…ooh…si…sih uff” and I kept increasing the pace of intercourse.

To try another technique, I moved next to auntie and asked her to climb on top of me. She sat on my erect penis and started bouncing slowly.

I was holding auntie’s waist with both hands, helping her ride up and down. Auntie kissed me while holding her breasts like balloons.

When the fast-paced sex reached its peak, I removed my penis just in time. I had already ejaculated everything inside auntie’s velvety vagina. Auntie had also cum completely.

We forgot everything and hugged each other tightly. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was a cold night outside and we were getting warm and cozy with each other’s body temperature and rubbing. At around 3 am, we woke up and cleaned ourselves before taking a blanket and going back to sleep in each other’s embrace.

We woke up at 7 am, kissed each other, and I then went home. As I had done heavy exercise last night, I didn’t go for a morning run.

After that, for 6 months, Soniya aunty and I had sex many times. Every time, I satisfied her desires, and she fulfilled mine.

You must have enjoyed reading my first time with Sonia aunty’s pussy story as well. If you liked the story, you can also share it with an aunty and have a go with her pussy.

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